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  • What is SDSCPA?
    The SDSCPA is a public arts school designed to provide sequential training for the serious arts student in preparation for post-secondary success in the arts.
  • How can I learn more about the SDSCPA?
    Prospective Family Meetings and School Tours are a great way to learn about our public arts school and how it differs from a comprehensive school. Prospective Family Meetings are a chance to learn about our Mission, Vision, and Purpose as a public arts school, as well as what our daily schedule looks like, and to learn about the audition process. School Tours are led by students and give you a day-in-the-life glimpse of the SDSCPA student.
  • What do I need to do to sign my student up at SDSCPA?
    SDSCPA is a magnet school that requires more than just signing up to attend. Your student will need to fill out two seperate applications and participate in an audition in order to be eligible to attend SDSCPA.
  • What is an audition?
    An audition is a formal assessment of a student’s potential in an arts discipline. Auditions are designed to measure a student’s potential and aptitude in a particular discipline making each uniquely different.
  • We want to attend SDSCPA  what is our first step toward auditioning?
    In order to be eligible to audition for SDSCPA, you will first need to fill out the School Choice Application with the San Diego Unified School District. This is a mandated application that must be filled out by all students who plan on auditioning for SDSCPA.
  • My student is in middle school at SDSCPA.  Do I still need to fill out a school choice application?
    Yes! Even though we are a 6 - 12 grade campus, the district views our middle school as a seperate entity from the high school. Because of this, all current SDSCPA 8th grade students that plan on auditioning for the high school program must fill out the school choice application.
  • I filled out the School Choice Application, but never heard anything more.  What do I do?"
    Filling out the school choice is only your first step! Once you have completed the school choice application, you must return to the SDSCPA website and sign up for an audition. Auditions take place every fall for the following school year. SDSCPA does not call about enrollment. Families must go through the proper application and audition procedure in order to be eligible to attend.
  • We can't make the fall audition date.  Can we reschedule?
    Unfortunately, no. SDSCPA is looking for students passionate and committed to their art and learning. This requires attending the fall auditions. On occasion we offer a limited spring audition for families who have moved into the San Diego area during the school year, but current SDUSD students are not eligible for these dates. For the 2022-2023 school year, all auditions are taking place online. The application deadline for submission is December 18, 2021.
  • We live outside of the district can we still audition?
    Absolutely! Follow the audition process by filling out the School Choice Application in Step 1. Once you have completed this form, you will want to fill out the Interdistrict Attendance Permit (IAP) and email it to These two district forms must be completed and on file before completing the audition process (Steps 2 & 3.) You can find the IAP here: IAP English/IAP Spanish
  • I have a family member that already attends or has just been accepted to the SDSCPA can I just enroll?
    No. All students MUST audition and pass, and be invited to enroll.
  • My student was accepted into the high school program with their audition last year.  Do they need to audition again this year?
    No. Once your student has been accepted into the SDSCPA high school program, and attends the school, they do not need to re-audition for subsequent years.
  • My 6th grader and/or my 7th grader wants to audition for middle school, what do they need to prepare?"
    When we are able to audition in person, 6th and 7th grade students need only follow what is stated on our middle school auditions tab! There is nothing to prepare. We ask all musicians to bring their instrument. The auditions for both the creative arts and performing arts are designed to measure the students passion and engagement. There is nothing to prepare. Currently, in an online audition environment, 6th and 7th grade students are encouraged to show us their passion for their art! We want to see what drives them in their art form and makes their art exciting to them, in whatever capacity they wish to share that with us.
  • Can I audition for more than one program?
    No. We advise prospective students to audition for the discipline they are most passionate about in order to be properly prepared for a post-secondary audition.
  • My student has special needs, do they still have to audition?"
    We never want a students' special needs to get in the way of living their passion. All students must audition. While we are not able to make changes to the audition rubric and evaluation process, we are able to accommodate any unique need your student may require to help facilitate their success. The audition process is an objective evaluation of a student’s skill, passion, and potential to complete scope and sequence in their program of study and reach a level of proficiency to allow the student to be competitive for an audition or portfolio review for the post-secondary. If your student’s current IEP has an accommodation listed that he or she is using and you feel it would be beneficial for them to use during the audition, please let us know! Contact us at least a week prior to the audition to discuss your student’s needs and we will be happy to help. If you have any questions about Special Education please contact Emily Pickering, Special Education Chair, at
  • Will I be able to audition if I am not a native English speaker?
    Language should never be a barrier to living your passion! Please email our Audition Team at They will work with you to make sure you receive the translation services needed to successfully audition.
  • How long will the audition take and will I need to wait until my child is finished?
    Families should be prepared to wait anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on your student’s specific program and the number of auditioners. You do not have to wait on campus. You can leave once your student has checked in, and return once your student has checked out. This year auditions are online, so no waiting is necessary.
  • Can I watch my child’s audition?
    No. Parents must wait for their students to be checked out of the audition before they are able to reunite.
  • Who can fill out the “Letters of Support” for my student?
    Letters of Support are not required for the 2022-23 audition season. Students/families should choose people who are familiar with the student and can best advocate for their potential. The Letter of Support form does not need to be specifically completed by a teacher. An advocate chosen with familiarity of your student's artistic passion and enthusiasm for the arts is highly encouraged.
  • My student was NOT accepted into SDSCPA.  What are my next steps?
    All students who are not initially accepted into SDSCPA should pursue their second choice school. We encourage those students to continue working on their craft, and invite them to audition again in subsequent years.
  • When will I be notified of my student's acceptance to SDSCPA?
    Acceptances are emailed to families by the end of January/beginning of February. Please make sure the email address you enter on your audition form is correct. This is the address we will use to contact you.
  • My student was accepted into SDSCPA.  What are my next steps?
    If your student was accepted, congratulations! You should have received an email with enrollment information. Your enrollment may take place virtually or by appointment. The following required documents will be requested. Please note: All documents need to be submitted before we can enroll your student. 1. Proof of residence (current utility bill, rental contract, or military housing orders in parent’s or guardian’s name) 2. Student’s Birth Certificate 3. Student immunization records including the TDAP vaccination. 4. Transcripts from all schools previously attended (for 7th Graders going into 8th Grade) OR Copy of last report card. If applicable, please bring a copy of the following document: Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan
  • My student attends a San Diego Unified School, but missed the audition.  I see you have opened auditions in the Spring/Summer.  Can we audition?"
    Students who are already registered and attend a San Diego Unified School District site are only eligible to attend the general auditions in the fall, after filling out the District's Choice Application which closes in November. Spring and/or Summer audition opportunities are for students who are new to the San Diego Unified School District, or those who have recently moved to San Diego County. These individuals can still access the School Choice Application. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, you may email
  • What about transportation?
    Transportation is provided for students who reside outside a radius of five miles from the SDSCPA and live within the district boundaries. For more detailed information please contact Transportation at (858) 496-8737.
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